Managing your health has never been this simple.

Patients can start their journey in the AfyaRekod ecosystem


Account creation

The MyRekod Platform was built with the patient in mind to empower you to start capturing, storing, and owning your health records.

You have the sovereign right of ownership of data and have control over who has access to the data at any given point.

  • Register Account
  • Sign in in to your account
  • Verify contacts
  • Pick the patient’s account
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Medical folders

Manage your medical folder

Start creating your medical folders and uploading your files in specific folders, for example, you can create a Prescription folder and never lose a prescription, store them safely in one place and keep track of all the medication you take.

  • Upload files Securely store multiple format files related to your health.
  • Create folders Categorize your medical folders and easily track your records.
  • Share files and folders Share encrypted files or an entire folder with authorized medical practitioners.
  • View details of files Get an analysis and reports on your health trends and lifestyle.

Health profile

Have full control and visibility of your health profile, no more guesswork when it comes to remembering your blood type or BMI.

Your vitals can be captured by an authorized medical practitioner or if you have medical home devices you can start managing your health.

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Blood pressure
  • Allergy
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Appointment and scheduling

Consult accredited specialists and stay engaged with your health consultants, no more queuing for long hours to access health services.

Schedule doctor’s appointments for you and your family in just a few clicks.

  • SEARCH DOCTORS We have a wide list of accredited doctors
  • CREATE APPOINTMENT Easily book an appointment with any doctor
  • VIDEO CONFERENCING Use the Afya Chat for teleconsultations
  • VIEW DETAILS Receive a summary report of your teleconsultation

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