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Kenyan HealthTech Startup Afya Rekod Launching AI Patient-Driven Data Platform in Support of Global Efforts to curb Corona Pandemic!

  • The AI and Blockchain powered platform aim to capture real time users’/patients’ health da...


COVID is very much around and has returned with a vengeance. Suddenly we now all know someone, family, relative, or friend either newly infected or has succumbed to the disease. Hospitals are filling up fast with COVID patients and retir...


Why you need to Access to Your Health Records

The emergency section in a hospital is full of all kinds of emergencies; from people with broken limbs to people with asthma, and every other kind of crisis. Then comes Paul, a patient who's just had a seizure, and his friends say he's d...


Who Owns Patient Data?

Who owns patient data? Is it the patient or the collector of the data, being health facilities? This has been an on going argument most times the health facilities winning because the documentation comes from them. Largely supported by t...


The mental health induction module

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Breast Feeding Techniques for new mothers.

As we approach the breastfeeding week, we would like to address how to properly lactate your baby. There are a couple of techniques that ensure that the baby is latched well and is comfortable as they feed.

a) Clean Hands