Breast Feeding Techniques for new mothers.

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Breast Feeding Techniques for new mothers.

As we approach the breastfeeding week, we would like to address how to properly lactate your baby. There are a couple of techniques that ensure that the baby is latched well and is comfortable as they feed.

a) Clean Hands

Do not wash your breasts for the purpose of breastfeeding, what should be cleaned are the hands. This reduces transference of disease-causing organisms to the baby.

b) Your Position

The mother’s mental and physical condition determines the flow of breast milk to the baby. This is why the mother should be relaxed and in a position of comfort. Any discomfort interferes with the milk, and the production can reduce, leading to a hungry and irritable child.

Also, any pain in the mother should be controlled. Pain can reduce the flow of breast milk from a mother.

c) Your baby’s position

The baby’s position is important. Now, the nose of the baby should be at the level of the breast. The baby should be close to the mother. The head and the trunk should be in a straight line. The baby’s whole body should be supported.

d) Attaching breast into baby’s mouth

They should have latched on the breast properly for effective breast feeding. Hold your breast in a C grip. After this, then stimulate the baby to open their mouth wide. When their mouth is opened wide, introduce the breast into the mouth. 

As the breast is attached into the baby’s mouth, break the feed once in a while to ensure that your position and the baby’s position are all in order.

How will you know that the breast has attached well into the baby’s mouth?

  • Chin touching breast
  • Mouth is open at more than 120 degrees.
  • Lower lip turned out.

How do you identify effective suckling?

  • Suckling is comfortable and pain free for the mother.
  • Baby takes slow deep suckles sometimes pausing and you may be able to see or hear baby swallowing.

What has your experience been with suckling your baby? Let us know in the comment section.